Welcome to the Alchemiah experience and get ready to be transported to another universe through the power of sound.
Sinee Institute
The Art Of DJing

German techno DJ and producer Alchemiah has been a mainstay in the DJ scene for over 25 years, known for his high-energy performances and captivating stage presence.


Dive deep into the art of DJing with Alchemiah and let him inspire you to learn or deepen your skills in DJ craftsmanship.


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Alchemiah‘s music is like a modern-day alchemy, combining elements of techno with inspiration from other genres to create a unique and danceable sound that pushes the boundaries of innovation.
Rave Into The Sunrise
Fusion Festival
with Alchemiah

His sound is always energizing and never letting up. Every moment is just pure, unadulterated energy from start to finish.


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Don‘t miss the opportunity to witness the magic of Alchemiah‘s techno sets.
Livestream at Cologne Tourist Boat
Koeln ist Techno
with Alchemiah

Alchemiah is playing an exclusive live set for Koeln ist Techno.

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